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Official prices by Autodesk

Valid from: 22th May 2020

We would kindly like to inform our customers that from 1 March 2019 the distribution of products within MonArch Ltd has changed. Distribution of Autodesk products will be marketed by Mensch und Maschine Hungary Ltd, which was established from the close partnership of MonArch and Mensch und Maschine (M+M), the leading supplier of Computer Aided Design, Manufacturing and Engineering (CAD / CAM / CAE), Product Data Management (PDM) and Building Information Modelling / Management (BIM) solutions with more than 60 locations all around Europe as well as in Asia and America.
M+M’s business model is based on the two segments M+M Software (Standard Software for CAM, BIM and CAE) and VAR Business (customer specific digitalization solutions, training and consulting for customers from industry, architecture and infrastructure).
For our customers, this will mean an expanded range of products and services in the future, and also the opportunity to access M+M products.

Should you require further offer, please contact Mensch und Maschine Hungary Ltd by email: office[at]

Product List price Discounted price    Comment Effective
AutoCAD - including specialized toolsets  
Single-user subscription  
      1-year 1840 Eur 1380 Eur  (1) 24.07.2020
      3-year 4970 Eur 3727,5 Eur  (1) 24.07.2020
Single-user subscription  
      1-year 1755 Eur  
      3-year 4740 Eur  
Single-user subscription switch...  
...from product category 1  
      1-year 0 Eur  
      3-year 0 Eur  
...from maintenance to subscription  
      1-year 1040 Eur  
      3-year 2810 Eur  
Multi-user subscription  
      1-year 3510 Eur  
Multi-user subscription renewal  
      1-year 3070 Eur  
Multi-user subscription switch...  
...from product category 1  
      1-year 0 Eur  
...from maintenance to subscription  
      1-year 1040 Eur  

Prices do not include VAT.

We reserve the right to make mistakes!

(1) You can save up to 25% on price when you purchase eligible 1-year or 3-year term subscriptions, and submit your qualifying associated seats of release year 2014-through 2021 perpetual licenses not on an active maintenance plan. This promotion is not valid for renewals.
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